Daniel is a young vampire who belongs to the Royal guard and is in a relationship with Cassandra Rich’rds, the vampire princess. Courageous and loving as the protagonist, the very first book, Vaempires: Revolution, starts off with Daniel defending the city limits against the brutal legion of Vaempires, completely unbeknownst to anyone else. Selfless, Daniel continues fighting.

Daniel, when not in turmoil, still manages to have a sense of humor. Taking his training and workouts seriously, he spends at least 3 times a day doing physical excercise, one hour in the mornings, and another two during the daytime which he considers the real training, Daniel is still very humble despite living in the royal estate and having all the benefits associated with having your father be the captain of the royal guard. He doesn't consider taking up the captain's reigns a burden when his father moves on, but rather, a privilege.

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