Vaempires: Revolution
Vaempires- Revolution Front Cover
Author Thomas Winship
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date October 31, 2011
Other attributes
Pages 214 Pages
ISBN 10 1466398647

Revolution is the first book in the Vaempires series alongside the prequel Vaempires: White Christmas and followed by the second chronological book, Vaempires: Zombie Rising. It was released October 31, 2011 with very positive reviews.


On the genesis of Princess Cassandra's sweet sixteen, soon to take over the vampires as their leader, her home is surrounded by the most important and wealthy people in the world. The capital of the nation fills to the brim with chatter and celebration, when suddenly, things take a wrong turn. The vaempires have launched a series of flank attacks throughout the world, including the capital, as Cassandra's boyfriend Daniel finally arrives late for the party. With Cassandra missing in action, the most important leaders of the world killed, Daniel has no choice but to act as the new king. Reunited with his friends, Daniel plows through the chaos in arms only to confront the worst thing imaginable: a new breed of vaempire far stronger than ever seen before.

Daniel cannot change form, or fly, or even walk through solid states; what is he to do now?

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Vaempires The Evolutionary War - Series Trailer

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