Vaempires: White Christmas
Vaempires- White Cristmas Front Cover
Author Thomas Winship
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date December 14, 2011
Other attributes
Pages 130 Pages
ISBN 10 0984711325

White Christmas is the prequel book, second to be released, in the Vaempires series alongside the first book Vaempires: Revolution and followed by the second chronological book, Vaempires: Zombie Rising. It was released December 14, 2011 with very positive reviews.


With the global holidays rolling into town, and tensions at an all time high between the humans and both the vampire and vaempire, goodwill and cheer is not everyone's priority. King Brant, wanting to come up with some sort of solution, gathers Queen Anne, the princess, the president and first lady, and Daniel's family in order to try and see how to create a bond between the races while also trying to come up with a way of dealing with the growing hostility from the vaempires.

At the same time, Daniel feels his relationship with Cassie slipping away. Still affected by her previous breakup, Cassie's sadness renders him helpless. he won't have much time for that though, as the whirlwind of surprises, finger-pointing, and revelations will take up most of his moments.

Video TrailerEdit

Vaempires White Christmas (A Prelude To The Evolutionary War) Book Trailer-0

Vaempires White Christmas (A Prelude To The Evolutionary War) Book Trailer-0

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