Vaempires: Zombie Rising
Vaempires- Zombie Rising Front Cover
Author Thomas Winship
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date September 25, 2012
Other attributes
Pages 170 Pages
ISBN 10 0984711376

Zombie Rising is the second chronological book, third to be released, in the Vaempires series after the first book Vaempires: Revolution and alongside the prequel book, Vaempires: White Christmas. It was released September 25, 2012 with very positive reviews.


As the war for evolutionary supremacy continues, the vaempires have proven themselves and captured 12 of the biggest cities. Vielyn, the head of these conquests, pursues the massively destructive weapons that will instill everlasting fear in the world and make it bow down to him.

With the vampires crumbling slowly, the princess gone, and Daniel having failed, it's up to Linq and Ray to ignore the staggering losses and fight their deadliest (or not) foe.

Video TrailerEdit

Vaempires Zombie Rising - Book Trailer

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