Vaempires Wallpaper 1200


Sometime in the distant future, human neglect has created vast natural disasters including a wasteland winter that lasted centuries. As civilization crumbles and begins to respawn, it is the vampires who slowly emerge to the surface. The remaining humans struggle with them in a huge battle for dominance, only to usher in a period of peace when artificial human blood is processed. The peace, however, doesn't last for too long as the evolution of the vampires creates a new, distinct and insatiable breed called vaempires. Strangely warm blooded, vampires morph into this breed for no apparent reason; any vampire of any age, of any type, of any gender and background can morph at any time into these beings. Coexistence is far from a vaempires' mind and thoughts of human extermination, not to mention malevolent intents of creating a slave system out of regular vampires, flood the assumption that they can ascend into the dominant species on the planet.


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